How To Access Our Control Panel


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Accessing our control panel couldn't be easier. This guide will help you understand where to find your control panel information and how to access. Let's get started!

Step 1 - Where to find your control panel information

After purchasing your service with us, you should receive an email shortly after. This will contain information about your service including your panel information. If you don't see the email in your inbox you may need to check your spam folder. After checking the spam folder if you still don't see it, you can access all your emails we send to you from the client area by clicking on your name.

Step 2 - Accessing the control panel

Once you retrieve your panel information, it's time to head over to the control panel using the link here. You will enter your email into the email slot. Then the password that was provided in the email you found earlier into the password slot and click sign in.

Step 3 - Enjoy

Yay! You made it to the end of this guide. If you have any questions or need support don't hesitate to contact us here!  

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