How To Access Your Server’s Files (Using An FTP Client)


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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the method used to access and modify files on servers. It’s very easy to gain access to your server’s file by using an FTP client. Filezilla and WinSCP are programs that allow you to edit your server files as if the files were on your computer.

Step 1 - Installing an FTP program:

Firstly you must download and install an FTP program to connect with. We recommend using either FileZilla or WinSCP as they have the best features.

When downloading, make sure you are installing the client version and not the server version. Additionally, when installing them make sure to decline any specials offers or sponsored software.

Step 2 - Obtaining your FTP Details:

Before you can start using your FTP client you just downloaded, you must first figure out your FTP details. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account on the control panel.
  2. Find the 'Manage This Server" section and select FTP.
3. Click on "Create FTP password" button to create your FTP details.

The password will only be shown on the page once. Make sure to save it in a secure place. If you lose your password, you must create a new one.

Step 3 - Setting up FTP with WinSCP (If you are using FileZilla, go straight to Step 4.)

  • Open WinSCP
  • Select 'New Site' on the left-hand side.
  • Set the 'File Protocol' to 'FTP'
  • In the 'Host Name' box, enter the 'Host' IP from the control panel.
  • Change the numbers in 'Port' box to 5113
  • Enter the Username found on the control panel. This will be your Server's ID
  • In the 'Password' box enter the password you generated earlier.
  • Once you are finished filling out the boxes, click 'Save' and enter a name for your server. You can also save your password by check mark the box beside 'Save Password'. Please note we don't recommend save your password.
  • Click 'Login' and start roaming your server's files

Step 4 - Setting up FTP with FileZilla (If you are using WinSCP, go back to Step 3.)

  • Open FileZilla. On the top, you should see a 'Quick Connect' bar.
  • In the 'Host' box, enter the 'Host' IP from the control panel.
  • Set the 'Port' to 5113
  • Enter the Username found on the control panel into the 'Username' box. This will be your server's ID
  • Enter your password you generated earlier into the 'Password" box.

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