How to Cancel Your Service


Last Update 4 months ago

It is unfortunate you wish to cancel your service with us. We always put our customers first, if there were any issues with your service please let us know before processing a cancellation request. We are always looking to improve our service.

Login to your client account at https://my.servercrafters.com

1. Click Services > My Services.

2. Click on the service you wish to cancel.

3. Click 'Request Cancellation' under the 'Actions' left sidebar menu.

4. Enter the reason why you wish to cancel in the text box.

5. Click 'Request Cancellation'.

There are two different cancellation types, 'Immediate' and 'End of Billing Period'. 

Immediate will submit the request and your service will be cancelled within 24 hours of the request. All files relate to the service will be gone. 

End of Billing Period will submit the request but your service won't cancel until the end of your billing period giving you time to backup your service before ending your service.

Once you have successfully submitted your cancellation request, you will receive an email with the title "Cancellation Request Confirmation." After which, you will receive no further invoices for your service.

Cancellation requests are automatically handled by our system, so if you wish to cancel the cancellation request, you will need to open a ticket as soon as possible.

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