How To Manually Install And Run A Fabric Server


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In this guide we will installing Fabric to your Minecraft server. Fabric is modding toolchain which allows servers to utilize Fabric mods. You can learn more about Fabric here!

Step 1 - Downloading Fabric and installing

First we start by downloading the Fabric server installer found here. Once downloaded open the installer and click on the "Server" tab then select which Minecraft version you wish to run.

Select the install location and then click "Install". (we recommend using an empty folder on your desktop)

Fabric will start downloading and installing all the required files. Once the installer finishes, it will ask to install regular server .jar as well. Click "Download Server Jar"

Step 2 - Configuring 

After downloading all the required files, navigate to the folder you installed Fabric at. You should see "fabric-server-launch.jar" and "server.jar". We need to rename "server.jar" to "vanilla.jar" and "fabric-server-launch.jar" to "fabric.jar". Due to how our control panel reads jars we need to create text file called "fabric-server-launcher".

Open the txt file and put "serverJar=vanilla.jar" then click "Save As". Change the file name from "fabric-server-launchger.txt" to "" then change the save as type to "All Files" then click "Save". Navigate back to the folder and delete "fabric-server-launcher.txt" now.

Step 3 - Uploading and starting the server

Now that we have Fabric downloaded and configured, let upload it to your server. We can either using File Manager or an FTP client. We will be using an FTP client. (we have a guide on how to use an FTP client here). Login into your server using FileZilla or another FTP client. Ensure your server's directory is empty and server is stopped before starting. Upload all of the Fabric server files into your server's directory through the FTP client. It should look like this. 

Now that we finished uploading the server files, we need to go over to the control panel. Login and select your server by clicking "Manage". We need to configure your server to run the jar file now. Click "Edit Server" on the left hand side. Found the "JAR File" dropdown menu on that page and select "fabric"

After selecting "fabric", click on "Save" button.

Go back to your server's overview by clicking "Overview" on the left hand side. Once there click "Start" and your server will now start loading Fabric.

Step 4 - Enjoy!

Yay! You made it to the end of this guide. If you have any questions or need support don't hesitate to contact us here!

Please Note: Most Fabric mods require "FabricAPI" to run. Click here to learn how to install mods to Fabric. 

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