The Absolute Basics of Worldedit

How on earth do you use worldedit?


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  • Basic Knowledge of how to use WebFTP or Filezilla
  • Basic Knowledge of how to install plugins
  • Spigot, or Spigot Fork as your server Jar. (We recommend Paper)


In this tutorial, we will be using an optimized fork of Worldedit, commonly known as FAWE, or Fast Async World Edit. Because this is a fork of Worldedit, you do not need to install Worldedit alongside FAWE. Keep a note that all the features that are in Worldedit are also in FAWE.

Step 1: Stop your server

You need to stop your server before installing or changing files, to prevent corruption

Step 2: Installing FAWE

The first step is installing the plugin. You need a jar that supports plugins, such as spigot, though we recommend using paper, which is much more optimized.

In order to use FAWE, you need to first install it! You can do that by downloading the latest build for your version. At the time of writing, the latest version is 1.16.4 and the latest build is 495. The number should looks something like this: 1.16.4-495. Next, download the jar file, and upload it to your server, using either WebFTP, or Filezilla. You can download the jar file here 

Step 3: Verifying Installation

After a quick server restart, we can now go in game and test it out. Please keep in mind that you need to have sufficient permissions to use FAWE. A list of permission nodes can be found here. As an alternative, you can run "op <yourusername>" In console to grant all permissions, including FAWE permissions. 

Important Note: OP is a dangerous command to use. By giving someone operator status, you are giving them all control over your server. Operator status should be only given to people you trust!

In order to verify that FAWE has installed properly, run "/plugins" in game, or "pl" in the console, to show the plugins. If FAWE is listed, then you are good to go!

Step 4: Making a selection

The main selection tool used in Worldedit is the wooden axe. You can use

to get the worldedit wand.

Using the wand, you can right click and left click to select two points to create a cuboid. (A cuboid is like a 3d rectangle) there are other ways to choose two points such as:

  • Standing in two different places and typing "//pos1" and "//pos2"
  • Looking at two different blocks and typing "//hpos1" and "//hpos2"

If you need a visual for this, we recommend installation of the plugin "WorldEditSelectionVisualizer" which (at the time of writing) is compatible with versions 1.7.10 - 1.16.4. You can download the plugin here. 

Step 5: Doing things with the selection

After making a cuboid selection, you can do a variety of things.

  • You can set the entire selection to a certain block, such as gold blocks using: "//set gold_block" (Will set the entire selection to Gold Block)
  • You can set the entire selection with a mixture of blocks with "//set gold_block,sponge" (Will have a mixture of 50% Sponge and 50% Gold Block)
  • You can replace a certain block with another with "//replace gold_block dirt" (Will replace all Gold Blocks with Dirt)
  • Clear the area with "//set 0" or "//set air"

Step 6: "Oh no, I deleted my house!"

You have accidentally deleted or modified something that you did not want to change. How can you change this back?

You can use the "//undo" command to rollback your last change. You can also add a positive integer as a argument in the command ("//undo 5") which will undo your past 5 changes.

On the other hand, if you would like to redo a change, you can use "//redo". Likewise, you can add a positive integer as an argument ("//redo 4"), which will redo your past 4 changes.

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