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Heard you wanted to know how to set a server icon for the server listing on Minecraft. In this guide we will walk through how to upload your icon. First we need to make sure your icon follows the requirements. If your icon doesn't fit into the requirement stop this guide and fix your icon first.

  • Name - server-icon.png
  • Size - 64x64 pixels
  • File Type - PNG

Step 1 - Accessing your server files

There is two way to upload your server icon to your server. You can either using file manager on the control panel or using an FTP client to access your files. In this guide we will show how to use the file manager. Click here to see the guide on how to use an FTP client. Let's get started. First you must be login into your account on GameTron and make sure your server is stopped. Click on "Manage" then on the left hand side click on "File Manager"

Step 2 - Uploading your icon

Currently our File Manager doesn't support rename files, make sure you change your server icon name to "server-icon.png" before you upload the icon to your server files. Click on the "Server With Up Arrow" icon.

Select your server icon and click on "Open" to start the upload.

Step 3 - Finishing up

After the upload finishes, verify that the server-icon.png uploaded by looking in your files. Once you see the server-icon.png in your files, just start up your server and enjoy!   

Yay! You made it to the end of this guide. If you have any questions or need support don't hesitate to contact us here!  

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